The Morons Of Coronavirus


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  • oioi
    oioi10 годин тому

    the sad thing is the people doing dumb shit are young and probably don’t have health issues so they won’t die from the corona virus sadly

  • DM G3
    DM G310 годин тому

    These are the same people who say it’s trumps fault that it spread lmao

    sub_TO_PEWDIEPIE_OR_YOU_WILL_DIE 1110 годин тому

    I know he would return

  • Jack Reeves
    Jack Reeves11 годин тому

    This is why the world is screwed, ignorsnt people in the well off countries, disgusting people honestly

  • Lucas Larrahona
    Lucas Larrahona11 годин тому

    High school musical girls is listening to FEVER... akward

  • Lucas Larrahona
    Lucas Larrahona11 годин тому

    Ask us Spaniards... H3H3

  • Flavius Belisarius
    Flavius Belisarius11 годин тому

    Nobody thinks of North West England when they think of sophisticated Europe.

  • Wyatt McFall
    Wyatt McFall11 годин тому

    My gramma’s already dead 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Rebecca Toman
    Rebecca Toman11 годин тому

    Ethan: "let's see what's going on in Europe" *Shows the UK* Too soon man, too soon

  • super soaker
    super soaker11 годин тому

    this is what we want more ethan, not your goddamn podcasts

  • JD Plays It Cool
    JD Plays It Cool11 годин тому

    Ethan buying into the hysteria.

  • Arnau Fumadó
    Arnau Fumadó11 годин тому

    I’ ve awaited h3 h3’s return. This does put a smile on my face.

  • Sketti Boi
    Sketti Boi11 годин тому

    Yeah I got rectal thermometered when I was young. I do keep a couple in the house now (glass mercury thermometers); I only use them by mouth and look after them like they are precious. If not bent or put in hot water or dropped or bitten down on they'll last for thousands of years after all the electronic ones have been binned. I think by about 4 to 5 years old there's no need to use them rectally... except for with Ethan maybe 😀.

  • Arran Clark
    Arran Clark11 годин тому

    In all honesty, it might just be what the world needs.

  • Falzeee
    Falzeee12 годин тому

    Viruses don't exist

  • Roman Falvo
    Roman Falvo12 годин тому

    It took a global pandemic for Ethan to upload to his main channel.

  • FBI Agent
    FBI Agent12 годин тому

    Im pretty sure Kaceytron was high at that time

  • neejoy sola
    neejoy sola13 годин тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="16">0:16</a> Michelle Obama's : great moves keep it up was much better I miss that.

  • N54Lyfe
    N54Lyfe14 годин тому

    The slowest people of my fucking state Miami people...

  • Jonah
    Jonah16 годин тому


  • BrilpoetsdoekjePSN
    BrilpoetsdoekjePSN16 годин тому

    The messiah is finally back! That rapper part was hilarious, great to see some classic H3, we missed your goofs and gaffs Ethan!

  • neejoy sola

    neejoy sola

    13 годин тому

    The average age of death of corona infected people is 80 years old. Those people would have had maybe 3-5 years left before they would have died off a regular influenza

  • Splyff Myster
    Splyff Myster16 годин тому

    Hilllllllla is soooooo funnnny this channel is toooooo perfect

  • Tyler Manning
    Tyler Manning16 годин тому

    Imma b real b i dont give af about old people they dont like me i dont like them. I will never reach 70 if i do im going out in a cocaine fueled car crash in a lambo

  • Indy RAWR
    Indy RAWR16 годин тому

    Douchebags like "Family Man" are the reason other people can't find any products to try to protect themselves and yet he can't even fake a sorry. I hope they confiscated everything and made him pay a fine on top of it!

  • Indy RAWR
    Indy RAWR17 годин тому

    You can get very sick and even die, EVEN IF YOU AREN'T OLD! Idiots!

  • DELED dd
    DELED dd17 годин тому

    This smells like real content

  • Jacko Jew Jr R
    Jacko Jew Jr R17 годин тому

    I despise H3H3. It’s been a while since the comedy died on this channel. I was hoping it was resurrected but as I stand it’s still as awful. To all the original H3 fans, if you want Ian to know that his content is now garbage just leave. Ian pls get better at this. You used to be my favorite and now it’s just depressing.

  • Richard Erdős

    Richard Erdős

    12 годин тому

    Ian ? Dude this is h3h3 not idubbbz

  • Horace Au
    Horace Au18 годин тому

    i hope these morons die

  • Joshua Hug
    Joshua Hug18 годин тому

    I'm just glad my grandmother passed away comfortably and not suffering because one of these cunts coughed on her.

  • Just Ethan
    Just Ethan19 годин тому

    Uh Britain isn’t in Europe anymore

  • John C.
    John C.21 годину тому

    I wonder, did Michelle Obama do that bit for Ethan or is it an old clip he found and recycled? Anyone?

  • a
    a22 години тому

    any new vape ads coming soon?

  • jony walabi
    jony walabi22 години тому

    wowowowow the uk isnt europe :)

  • Mibarf
    Mibarf23 години тому

    Well if all the girls went to parties that would mean that there will be no mommy make out day. we have to stop them!

  • Thicc Ricc
    Thicc Ricc23 години тому

    Man. Even the old intro is back

  • Hagen Re
    Hagen ReДень тому

    The average age of death of corona infected people is 80 years old. Those people would have had maybe 3-5 years left before they would have died off a regular influenza

  • Apex Factz
    Apex FactzДень тому

    Oh my god thank God he posted back on here

  • mosatsoni
    mosatsoniДень тому


  • Gerrit Bosch
    Gerrit BoschДень тому

    I got the rectal thermometer when I was a kid

  • Christian Nixon
    Christian NixonДень тому

    Sooo none of these videos have been in my recommendations.

  • Master Blek
    Master BlekДень тому

    Well... Great job America! XD Oh... UKlist hates the F word now too?

  • Sammy Dog
    Sammy DogДень тому

    Ethan: we are dealing with an unprecedented crisis Spanish flu: hold my beer

  • Lenny Garfunkle
    Lenny GarfunkleДень тому


  • happy Satan
    happy SatanДень тому

    Why is your video still monetized

  • rockingthetoot
    rockingthetootДень тому


  • Poppa Corshe
    Poppa CorsheДень тому


  • Justin Pack
    Justin PackДень тому

    I am waiting on that teddy fresh restock

  • Sean Anderson
    Sean AndersonДень тому

    My church runs on such a slim margin that if we stopped tithing it would have to close forever. So I’m glad I still have the ability to tithe. But my little church is not the same as a millionaire televangelist who’s scamming old ladies. My church offers legit care to people in my community.

  • This isn’t the wholesome future for Canadians-
    This isn’t the wholesome future for Canadians-День тому

    Ethan goes after smaller towns and cities with basically zero cases of the virus without looking right in his own backyard.. CNN running hit pieces on church goers on the other side of the country.. both these clowns could’ve just walked around LA & NewYork. Could’ve went to any mosque in NewYork or the beaches across LA.. I’m not sure why Ethan’s so out of touch these days.. He’s constantly putting out bad take after bad take. Even his tweets are unbearable.. I’ve heard all the sun in LA can really mess with your head.. but you can tell Ethan doesn’t go outside very often.

  • Genosse RedCat []
    Genosse RedCat []День тому

    2012 ETHAN IS BACK 😍

  • Cobalt
    CobaltДень тому

    Dude, you can tell its the apocalypse when Ethan finally uploads on his main channel.

  • Genosse RedCat []
    Genosse RedCat []День тому

    And the Americans went: GRAZIE CHINA

  • Charlie
    CharlieДень тому

    Also how do I get teddy fresh when you only make less than 10...

  • Elijah Slattens music
    Elijah Slattens musicДень тому

    I live with my grandparents, so I have been isolating myself for there safety

  • Patrick hovard
    Patrick hovardДень тому

    This man really has lost his stuff

  • Medium Starch
    Medium StarchДень тому

    Nine months.

  • Jonah Stroud [Student]
    Jonah Stroud [Student]День тому

    Bro, I fucking miss old UKlist, idubbbz is just a fucking joke now, I’m so sad, Ethan has to keep going but I get this feeling that he’s just gonna stop soon, but I don’t want him to, old UKlist needs to come back, there’s other examples of youtubers who are quiting or dying down or getting goofed on (idubbbz) but I’m too sad to think about them and their names right now

  • Gabriel Hugh-Kong
    Gabriel Hugh-KongДень тому


  • Samuel .R.F
    Samuel .R.FДень тому

    Cringiest video ever

  • Fatty Eats
    Fatty EatsДень тому

    UK is no longer part of Europe*

  • Nathan Ohanian
    Nathan OhanianДень тому


  • Liber Tees
    Liber TeesДень тому

    This whole video is so self righteous. If people are dumb enough to go out then so be it. The government has no right to shit down any business or take away ANY right of the American people. Period. No exceptions.

  • Liber Tees
    Liber TeesДень тому

    "Soul crushing capitalism....BUY THAT TEDDY FRESH MERCH!!!"

  • CelVerde
    CelVerdeДень тому

    I find it kind of insensitive that vanessa hudgens said that even after losing her dad.

  • The Purple Emu
    The Purple EmuДень тому

    Bruh it affects smokers,people with asma and,people with compromised immune systems if you think about it, that’s millions of people.

  • Homa Simpson
    Homa SimpsonДень тому

    I am sick to death of careless selfish people and conspiracy theorists that do not respect the virus or lockdown

  • Stewart's Adventures
    Stewart's AdventuresДень тому

    Thank you Ethan for shining light on these retarded people

  • Vlad the Inhaler
    Vlad the InhalerДень тому

    that's right! h3h3 was relevant once

  • ShakeITyEA
    ShakeITyEAДень тому

    society would be better off if all the old people died.

  • Sarah-Jayne Mcdonald
    Sarah-Jayne McdonaldДень тому

    All the people testing positive 🤔 you can't write this!

  • MetaMorpheus
    MetaMorpheusДень тому

    I think the makeshift masks are funny but the people partying are fucking idiots i bet if they catch it they would expect all the medical help they can get

  • Matt H
    Matt HДень тому

    WTF why are the preachers fingers so wet

  • It's Ma'am
    It's Ma'amДень тому

    This idots wife left him for another female I think

  • Richard Erdős

    Richard Erdős

    12 годин тому


  • Mr. Onay
    Mr. OnayДень тому

    H3H3 really is washed up from his egotistical and greedy nature I see

  • James Baker
    James BakerДень тому

    anyone know what that smooth ending music is?

  • Mati Castle
    Mati CastleДень тому

    That intro.. dude so many memories.

  • Nathan Way
    Nathan WayДень тому

    Wwaaayyyoooo....the glory days 😬

  • KiKi Whispers ASMR
    KiKi Whispers ASMRДень тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="284">4:44</a> LIZZO... is that you?? 🧐🧐

  • Egomer
    EgomerДень тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1">0:01</a> this is the part when i decided to like the video

  • Mullac Odw
    Mullac OdwДень тому